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how to draw a minecraft pig drawing tutorial
how to draw a minecraft wolf drawing tutorial
how to draw a wolf howling drawing tutorial
how to draw owl eyes, draw an owl face drawing tutorial
how to draw psy, gangnam style drawing tutorial
how to draw kuroyukihime drawing tutorial
52, Female
United Kingdom
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I'm A Talented Outcast Who's A Tomboy And Is VERY Mental And Eccentric. I'm Also VERY Introverted. Also A HUGE Fan Of Smosh and Shane Dawson And MattyBRaps :). I Don't Like Boys Much, But I Have A Few Very Cute Crushes At The Moment! I'm Not 45, As You Can See. I'm Not Even Twelve! I Love Reading, And I'm Publishing A Book Called Betrayal, May Hit Bookshelves In Couple Of Months! :) Apparently, According To My Friend Jack, I'm A Ginger Who Looks Spanish With Freckles. I Have Irish Blood, But I'm Scottish. I'm Also Exceptionally ODD Because I Had Chicken Pox When I Was Eight (Or Maybe Just Turned Nine) And Now, I Am Eleven And I Have Them Again! I Daydream A Lot.
Tools of the trade
Anything, Really, I Like Using Pens, Or Paints, Anything That's Available For Use! On-line, I Use The Paint App. And Inspiration, Whether It's Descriptions Or Scenes, I'm Inspired By Anything! And My Sketch Pads!
Anything I Like, NOT Girlie Stuff!! Mainly Drawing, Reading, Writing, Sport And Computer. I Like Lego Too. Perhaps Skateboarding, Swimming, Horse riding, Minecraft, Archery, Or Messing With My Friends. I Like Just Chilling In My Room As Well. But, Yeah, Mainly The Arts. I Like Any Sport, But I'm Particularly Good At Basketball. COD Too. And Laughing, Being Myself.
Favourite books
Percy Jackson, Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Harry Potter And Narnia!!But I'm Always Willing To Try Out Anything. I Like Jaqueline Wilson Too. I Like Enid Blyton, But Their A Bit Old Fashioned. I Like Helen Moss' 2011 Series The Adventure Island Books. I Love Mythology Books Too, And Non Fiction. I Like Michael Murpurgo, Too! I Like Margi Mcallister's "Fawn".
Favourite movies
The Hobbit, Lord Of The Rings, Percy Jackson, Narnia And Harry Potter. Once Again I'll Try Any, Though. I Like Disney Too. Especially Brave. As You May Have Worked Out, I Am Like Merida In Many Ways, I Am From Scotland, Same Personality, And I Guess I Look Rather Similiar. War Horse, Too. A Lot More, Too!
Favourite music
ANY, MAN! I LOVE ALL MUSIC! But I Have A Soft Spot For Pop, R&B, Rap And Poetry. Fave Girl Band: Little Mix. Boy Band: One Direction. Single Girl Singer: Cher Lloyd, Adele And Shakira. Boy: Ollie Murs And James Arthur. The Proclaimers, Mike Posner, Kylie Minogue, The Script, Bon Jovi, Will.I.Am, Flo Rida, Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, And Many, Many More. My Chemical Roomance Are OK. Big Fan Of Matty B Raps, And Cascada :).
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Why would you like to know?