Favourite tutorials
how to draw a chibi strawberry drawing tutorial
how to draw cherries chibi style drawing tutorial
how to draw a chibi orange drawing tutorial
how to draw a chibi banana drawing tutorial
how to draw fruit drawing tutorial
how to draw a carrot drawing tutorial
how to sketch trees drawing tutorial
how to draw real lips drawing tutorial
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my motto ' if i try to be like her who will be me'. I love nature! I like how drawing gets me out of my head. God showed me to begin drawing about a year ago, and now i hear him much more ( ty papa ). I started with drawing scenes of nature with dots. It has a name i know but thats what i call it lol. I dont have a computer so i get here by phone. Cant imagine just how good all the drawing really are being view by a bigger screen with more dpi. Found this site last night ( 01-1-11 ) soooo glad to be here. Not sure if i can upload with my phone but will try sometime.
Tools of the trade
being i have only been drawing a year my tools are limited, but am recently finding that there are 'tools' all around us. I love it jus experimenting. I use drawing pencils, coloring pencils ( crayola ), regular number 2 pencils, and pens sometimes but o far not too often. I am learning shading and love finding new textured to shade with. Also have a painting kit to start learning painting.
sitting quietly, people watching, reading, drawing, crocheting, long drives that lead no where but yet somewhere!
Favourite books
1.the bible, deep calls to deep! 2. The shack by william young!
Favourite movies
the hiding place- the corrie tenboom story
Favourite music
luv the sounds of nature! No need for electronics its everywhere. Silence from within is becoming my favorite-to me its like a song and dance...amazing! That said, i like most other music as long as it speaks of realness.