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Im a 16 year old male. i am a capricorn.i like to play videogames and i also like 2 draw. i am an animal,dinosaur,batman,car,gun,monster buff. i like to play and hang out with my freinds. im very nice,relaxed,patient kid who also likes to laugh,its very easy to make me laugh.i have been drawing since i was in school, i found out i was good at drawing a couple summer breaks ago(pretty much when i found this site) im a nice kid to stick around with and will try to help any person if they feal down or upset. my friends tell me im a great friend. i hate bullys,if anyone dares try to bully me,my friends,or my family there goin to have a beating of a lifetime. i smile so much that people ask me if i ever don't smile.im not very serious( the only time i get serious is when i fight). i take tae kwon doe, im a 1st dan black belt im also a big UFC fanatic been wathin it since UFC 141 Brock Lesner VS Alistair The "Reem" Overeem. my fav fighter is Johnny "
Tools of the trade
graph paper ,pencil and sometimes pen to make the lines darker.
videogames, tae kwon doe, drawin, airsoft, paintball and thinking about doin kick boxing and Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Favourite books
the hunger games,the gurdians of ga'hoole, maximum ride, chronicles of ancient darkness,garfield comics, batman arkham city comic,the joker: the visual history of the clown pince of crime, monster hunter illustrations and UFC encyclopedia(yes im a big UFC fan)
Favourite movies
Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises(best movie EVER!!),Batman:Under the Red Hood, Indiana Jones and the crystal skull, pirates of the caribbean 1 and 2, lord of the rings,batman beyond: return of the joker,dedespicable me,toy story,samurai jack movie,spiderman 3,matrix, inception,star wars 1 and 2,the cronicles of riddick ,the chronicles of narnia,kids next door:operation Z.E.R.O, home alone,kung fu panda,the hunger games, back to the future 1, 2,and 3,dodgeball: a true underdog story,nacho libre, grims adventure of billy and mandy: big boogey adventure,grims adventures of billy and mandy:underfist,the bruce lee movies,billy & mandy's Jacked Up Halloween,half-life full life consequences,andJeff Dunham spark of insanity,and Rocky .Favorite T.V shows:man vs food,mythbusters, deadliest warrior,regular show,adventure time,chowder,and every show on toonami(CN y u cancel toonami :(
Favourite music
Rock N Roll, and Rap,favorite bands: AC/DC, Ozzy, Guns N Roses, Kiss, Dragonforce, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Deep Purple ,3-Doors Down, Metallica, Sum 41, NIN, Megadeth, Steppenwolf, Crush 40, Disturbed, Pillar, Saliva, Linkin Park, 12 Stones, Nickelback, Green Day, Scorpions, Masterplan, Shinedown, 30- Seconds to Mars, Alter Bridge, Trapt, Black Tide and Iron Maiden. Favorite Rap groups are: Eminem, D12, Fort Minor, and Drake.i also like two steps from hell and Audiomachine