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how to draw mirai nikki, yuno gasai drawing tutorial
how to draw hannibal, mads mikkelsen drawing tutorial
how to draw rumia drawing tutorial
how to draw a tribal bird drawing tutorial
how to draw an eye tattoo drawing tutorial
how to draw lucina from fire emblem awakening drawing tutorial
how to draw heart lips drawing tutorial
how to draw anime katniss everdeen drawing tutorial
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i am completly obsessed with RAVEN from teen titans!!!!! i play the giutar and love music. i am kind to most people i know and can make friends easily. i am extremely shy at first but as soon as i get to know someone i am the most outgoing person in the world. i get to go into high school in 2014 am in 8th grade now but im almost there.i can pass for sixteen even though im only 13 14 in march. my birthday is march 3rd 2000, and my favorate season is spring. i want to be many things when i grow up. i want to study law, and engineering in collage, and i want to master in the arts, and study all kinds of different robotics and things that have to do with technology. i love to write and have so many ideas in my head that i cant belive it hasnt exploded yet. oh, and i love minecraft survival mode
Tools of the trade
Charcol, oil pastels, sketching pencils, ect., ect. practicly anything i can find that looks good on paper or canvas
i play pc and playstation games. like diablo 3, world of warcraft, minecraft, skylanders, assasins creed, and i have 2 old game systems nobody remembers, an atari and a sega genesis, and i have my head in books all the time, and i love playing either my giutar or my trumpet, and i have so many sketch books filled with pictures ive drawn its not even funny. and i skate board around the neighborhood any time i can, i play volley ball, softbal, and did cross country for a while. I LOVE MY SKATEBOARD!!!!!
Favourite books
i mostly like fiction but when i do read non-fiction i go for tech books and things about how things work. or american history.
Favourite movies
LABYRINTH, diary of a wimpy kid, wreck it Raulph, legend, percy jackson movies, THE HUNGER GAMES, LOL, and so many more i cant fit them on the screen!!!
Favourite music
Alternative, rock, techno, and a little johnny cash, but mostly rock and alternative!!! Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, selena gomez, fall out boys, david bowie, the offspring, korn, slipknot, ect. ect.
cant have one :(
cant have one :(