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Im a California girl who has a VERY Artistic family.sometimes I can be REAL talkative and DEFINITELY Crazy XD. I LOVE reading, drawing (duh..) and.... well.. basically everything in arts XD (except dancing, i BOMB that subject!) I have a hundred of Bff's and alot of them can be freaky in some ways... I've always wanted to be a writer and a singer. But right now im not so sure how im gonna pull that off while practicing singing AND figuring out the next book in the series. I ADORE animals just like anyone else. Infact I have two turtles living with me! They were adopted a LONG time ago. But they havent mated yet o_o. Cuz they dont have sand to do it on O_O ...ANYWAY... O_O Im into comics just like any kid. My fave game is KH1 (Kingdom Hearts 1). Sadly, i'm stuck in that game cuz I can't kill the hardest boss: Riku-Ansem. (Add me :P need friends)
Tools of the trade
my favorite pencils (6B and 4H), pens, coloring pencils, markers and my fave kneaded eraser: Destroyer XD or creator either way o_o.
Playing Baseball, basketball and drawing (duh!) XD attacking the comic book shop, Emptying the ice cream restaurant O_O, snappin' pictures away with friends, Doing crazy stuff in a crowded place, writing books and messing around with Adobe Photo Shop.
Favourite books
Gifted, Dragonlance book one, Boxcar children book one, Santa paws on christmas island, Nancy Drew Adventures, Sweet Valley High ShowDown, The Golden Girl, I know what you did last Wednesday, Avalon, The Sisters Grimm (ALL BOOKS!), The Big Blueberry Barf-Off Rotten School and MANY MANY more that will take millions of years for me to list.
Favourite movies
Star Wars, Star trek, Wonder woman, Fringe, X-files, X-men, Aquamarine, RED,Teenage mutant turtles 2: The Ooze, Bob Hope: The princess and the pirate, Batteries not included, Short Circuit, Wall-E (EEEVVVVAA!!!! XD), Conan THE BARBARIAN, Back To The Future movie 1 and 3, Black Cauldron, almost all the disney movies O_O, Lord Of the Rings, Narnia, Scary Movie 1 2 and 3, (this is a series part thingy!) The Simpsons BattleStar Galactica and some other stuff.
Favourite music
My fave music artists are... (Beware! I have a ton of fave artists!) Avril Lavigne, P!nk, Kesha, Miley Cyrus (the old Miley), Mandy Moore, Megan Nicole, Demi Lovato, LED ZEPPLIN, POISON, LYNARD SKYNARD, TOM PETTY, Ace of Base, Purple Machine and a lot more stuff thats gonna give you a heart attack. o_o Sorry i have so many fave artists! (and sorry if i spelled the Singers name wrong O_O!) BY THE WAY, IM NOT PUTTING ANYTHING IN THE PERSONAL THINGS UNDER THIS. Not unless I trust you with my life... o.o