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I'm a glorious memer and part-time artist. Before you do anything, I'll have you know that I will NOT draw anything furry-related, because... It's just not welcome here. It isn't. Now, as I was saying, memes are the core of this profile. Expect a lot of inside jokes! And outside jokes! I'll be drawing random stuff from my random universes, and I have an incredibly inconsistent upload rate. I'm never dead, just lazy. If you want quality content, check out lolligirl225's stuff. She's a lot better at what I do than me! Just don't expect any decent memes.
Tools of the trade
Well, I use carbon pencils, but they were all stolen, so now I'm using low-quality #2s. I generally don't use color because I botch everything.
If I listed them all, it would take you an hour to read this.
Favourite books
I'd say Fifty Shades of Grey, but I'd be lying.
Favourite movies
What's a movie? Does it have episodes?
Favourite music
My favorite song is T H E N U T S H A C K by NUMP TRUMP, and I like techno classical as well. Chiptune is pretty nice, too.