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20, Male
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I'm at highschool and I'm great there and I love to draw and write anime and manga, I'm working on a great long big awesome fantastic full of fantasy, action, drama story I hope some anime creating company adapt it also I love some sports mentioned below and a lot of video games. p.s: ( I'm not from where it's mentioned above next to my name I was on a vacation there when I created this account so if you wanted to know).
Tools of the trade
Pencils,markers,black gel ink pens, paint tool sai, and a lot of other tools
I love some sport such as : martial arts, parkour, swimming, and football. For some fun I play video games, and my favorites: all grand theft auto series, the sims 3, dragon ball Z, final fantasy, monster hunter, red alert 3, assasin's creed, rune scape, and many other games I can't remember this moment. I also draw and write anime and manga.
Favourite books
I don't read a lot of books but that doesn't mean I didn't read any books.
Favourite movies
I prefere holywood movies beside watching anime and some (20's century fox cartoons) also I love fantasy and action movies as main thing to watch on TV.
Favourite music
japanese and korean pop, old school pop, jazz, classical, and slow.
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