20, Female
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Im 13 years old, Canadian. I have 3 dogs, 4 cats, 3 horses, 4 gesse and 11 chickens. I like Pokemon and drawing. My friends say Im really good, even when I draw the simplest things. They always ask me to draw stuff for them, it gets annoying. I have many account here are a few of them: Chicken smoothie= Queen0 Pokefarm= Queen Add me if you want. :)
Tools of the trade
I love useing pencils and paint. One year I entred 3 peices of artwork into the williams town fair, first one won a "first place" ribon. Second one won a "first place" ribbon, and third peice of artwork won "best in show", "first place" and "most points in show".
Art (drawing), Reading, Msn, Pokefarm, And Dragoart :D
Favourite books
A Great And Terrible Beauty, Warriors, The Imortal Nicholas Flamel, Song of the Sparrow & The 39 Clues. I love alot of books.
Favourite movies
Tron Legacy (came out in theaters december 17 2010). Alice in Wonderland (real life one). But dont think I like Twilight because I dont!
Favourite music
Rap I love Ka$ha and Justin Beiber, Im not obbsessed but Im not a hater either I just like his music.
dont have one yet.
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Dont have one XD
Never gonna get one.
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