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I am 13 years old, I love drawing literally the randomest things I can find. I really like video games, and I love watching YouTube, and scanning through Tumblr or Twitter. Some of the YouTubers I'm subscribed to are Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and Matthias. Mark and Jack are gaming channels, and Matthias does challenges. Yea, YouTube! I AM LITERALLY UNDERTALE, SUPERNATURAL, GRAVITY FALLS (EVEN THO ITS OVER), STEVEN UNIVERSE, CREEPYPASTA, AND SIN MIXED TOGETHER IN A BOWL SO DONT BOTHER ASKING WHY I DO ANYTHING. AND IM ONLY ON SEASON 5 OF SPN SO DONT BE A SPOILER. I also love typing in caps don't question it I just do. Im also either an asexual pan romantic, or a full on lesbian. Any pronouns are cool with me.
Tools of the trade
I usually use a 2B pencil and a normal eraser, but when I'm sketching something fancy, I use 4B, H, B, HB, 2H, 6H, 4H pencils, and a Fabercastell coloring set that I got for my birthday.
I like reading manga and watching anime. If anyone knows of any good anime's, please tell me, I already fininshed the one I was watching. And I love playing video games.
Favourite books
I NEED BOOKS TO READ I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING GOOD TO READ I FINISHED ALL OF MY SERIES. If you have a suggestion, I like the genres horror and fantasy. Kinda like Creepypasta but without all the gore. If you got something like that post a comment on my profile and I'll check it out.
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I don't know. I guess anything dubstep related. Monstercat by Tut Tut Child is pretty good. His Dragon Pirates was really really good. Same with his Drop That Child. Don't question the name I'm not the one who named it.
Why would I have Facebook I'm literally a 13 year old gay who doesn't care bout the world