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how to sketch a dragon drawing tutorial
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#1 I'm a HUUUUUUGE fan of Percy Jackson. Does the thing called Percabethaddicted exist, cause I think I have it. #2 I like 1D, more like forced to like them because of my crazy on 1D friends #3 My hair's brown. #4 My eyes are brown. #5 My favorite colors are green, gold, white, and dark red. #6 I love horses (unicorns included). #7 I'm also a dog lover. #8 I eat five bananas a day. We are related to monkeys, after all. #9 I love to draw, my fave thing to draw is wolves and Percabeth (don't really know which one I love more) #10 I'm writing this, so there could be ten facts about me (though this isn't really a fact).
Tools of the trade
Mostly pencils and erasers, sometimes a blending stump. I don't like to color my drawings in anything besides pencil.
#1 Drawing (obviously) #2 Dancing #3 Reading #4 Writing #5 Breathing (I had to write SOMETHING)
Favourite books
Four girls are talking. The first girl says "Team Edward or Team Jacob?" The second girl says "Totally Team Edward." The third girl says "Team Jacob all the way!" The fourth girl says "Twilight is dumb. Edward, Jacob, Pfft. I'm on Team Leo." You say Edward Cullen, I say Percy Jackson. You say Edward and Bella, I say Percy and Annabeth. You say Jacob Black, I say Nico DiAngelo. You say, “Go to Hell.” I say, “Go bathe in the Styx.” You say baseball, I say CHARIOT RACING!!! You say “Twilight is better than Percy Jackson.” I say “If you keep that up Argum and Agentium will eat you.” You say summer, I say training at CHB. You say "My dads a vampire ha!" I say "Yeah? Mines a GOD!" If that isn't clear enough, it's PERCY JACKSON!!!
Favourite movies
#1 Percy Jackson (though the movie was not that great) #2 Harry Potter #3 Avatar #4 The Hunger Games #5 Step Up (all the movies)
Favourite music
Oh, that's a LOT: Birdy - Skinny Love Avril Lavigne - Things I'll Never Say Avril Lavigne - Here's To Never Growing Up Avril Lavigne - Get Over it Maroon 5 - Payphone Adele - Set fire to the rain Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us Jessie J - Do It Like A Dude The Script - Hall Of Fame The Script - If You Could See Me Now Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed Macklemore - Can't Hold Us Ariana Grande - Love The Way You Lie Ariana Grande - Grenade James Arthur - Impossible Shontel - Impossible Demi Lovato - Heart Attack Olivia Holt - Fearless Lil Wayne - Mirror In other words, almost every style!
I'm not telling you :p