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I am a 13 year old boy who grew up in the city.I first discovered my passion for art when I was around 6 or 7. My 2 influences were my Father and Grandfather, they were always drawing. What I mainly draw are creatures, cartoon people, animals, and sometimes locations that were imagined up.I love drawing, I draw sometimes 4 hours in a row. I like to make cartoon style art, because its not required to be realistic. My creatures though, I put effort to make them look realistic. I love dogs and mythical creatures, and I love to laugh.
Tools of the trade
Here are the tools I use. A sharpened Number 2 pencil A Mechanical Pencil for the smaller details. A Pencil Sharpener Thick Tip Sharpie Sharpie Pen Colored Pencils Sketchbook(Duh) And the most important tool of all Imagination.
Drawing Gaming. ( MMORPGs, Skyrim, Black Ops 2, AC3, Halo, Borderlands 2 , Mortal Combat.
Favourite books
The Eragon Series, All horror stories, Wait Till Helen Comes, The Hunger Games Series and that about raps up books, I have a favorite magazine, which is Mad, I had my letter printed in it in the final issue of 2012.
Favourite movies
Im the type of person who loves 2 types of movies, Horror and Comedy. So ima give my top 3 for each. Horror 1.Woman In Black 2. The Crazies 3. The Children Of The Corn ( Original) Those are the 3 I love, number 3 is rather old, but for an old movies it was good. Comedy 1.Grown Ups 2.Step Brothers 3.Liar Liar Also, any movie with Will Ferral or Jim Carrey I love too.
Favourite music
I love Dubstep. Mainly Skrillex. Song: First Of The Year I listen to a little Screamo. Mainly Asking Alexandria. Song: The Final Episode I love comedy songs.My main man is Bo Burnham. Song: My Whole Family... I hate country music.( Except Taylor Swift)
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