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Just a wacky, FtM transgender, autistic teenager, whose best friend made him make one of these. He says hopefully it'll get me started on selling my art, since I'm incredibly self concious of my art.
Tools of the trade
I usually use traditional pencil and paper to sketch out ideas. From there, if I deem them good enough, I'll take a picture or scan it onto my laptop and use photoshop to ink it, color, and shade it. Other times I'll just sketch on photoshop directly and use my tablet to ink and color that.
I mostly am on my computer, nearly 24/7. When I'm out, I always have my sketchbook with me. I do occasionally read when I have my kindle fire, or play video games.
Favourite books
Ah, I'm honestly really bad at genres in general. My favorite books have to be the Cirque Du Freak series, by Darren Shan, and his Demonata series. I also like Unwind, and the Escape from Furnace series.
Favourite movies
I went to see Pacific Rim the other day, and I thought it was fantastic. People should go see it.
Favourite music
Uhm... I like a lot of music. But not rap, or barely any modern music. Soundtracks are really cool. Mostly Sonic soundtracks, a couple Mario, Okami. Then Linkin Park, and not very popular bands, like Within Temptation. I grew up with Judas Priest, Motley Crue, Megadeth, Paramore, all from my dad. He also got me into Linkin Park.