18, Female
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For me im the randomist girl in all the classes i've ever been.And in my classes im known for making anime things like i have a pet thats really popular in every class im in cause i told everyone that i have a pet.It's a mustash and its name is Bob xD.I draw him on everything.Like my school tools.My fav thing to draw is neko girls.I've tried guys but they suck so i just make girls.My name is Vanessa and my fav thing to do is drawing.And fav subject in school and at home art.I do sing and dace but not infront of anyone.Cause im too shy x3.If you are wondering even though vanessa is a girls name i am a girl.Even if its a girl name and your still not sure witch is probaly not going to happen im just saying im a girl.Im not really 13 i just put that cause i was bord.I actully only 10.Dont judge me because if your older than me.I love drago art because it brought so many fantastic artist.My fav artist is LoveTheNekos the art is so amazing you wont belive!!!!^.^ .Please comment if you wanto and pleas
Tools of the trade
To draw i just use pencils .-. and pencil crayons
Sleeping -.- ....Lol xD i do sleep alot like my fat cat rocco who dosent really walk he just lies there and sleeps alot o.o .But i <3 ART ILY ART!!!!! Lol ^.^
Favourite books
Thunder cat warriors,Hunger games,percy jackson,Poison apple,Ghost girl,unfortiont events.And ect...
Favourite movies
Brave,simsions,Hunger games,Madigascar 3,Ice age.And ect...
Favourite music
My number one fav is The best love song by t-pain and chris brown And others are Whistle,wild ones,turn up the music,broken hearted, Oh! this is my 2 fav song its Fine by me And agian Ect.....