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*2014 update* Hey there guys :) This is my profile for Dragoart! I'm a nice person that is easy to get along with :) but please respect me, or you will see the dark side of me MUHAHA (jk XD but just please respect me, that's all i ask) I joined about a year ago, and i was excited when i discovered Dragoart and i was 13. I do a lot of tutorials with my best effort, and i try to do art as well. If you want to friend me or just talk to me, go right ahead, i don't bite ^^ Also, I have a lot of good friends, i will list some for you ^^ Halo_4_Warrior (Awesome and Nice person) Red_Hood (Cool guy XD) AnimeLover411 (Sweet Person) LugiaPaint22 (Loves pokemon and loves to battle me) Charmanderswagg (Really nice person to talk to) demonwolf_faerie (Great artist that helps me a lot ^^) Kbaiely23 (She's nice to talk to ^^) and many more. IMPORTANT: if you ask me to date and act inappropriately, I have no choice but to block you, I have every right to do that!
Tools of the trade
I like ot use a sharpend pencil with colored pencils, i also got my Wacom Tablet for better art for my 14th birthday XD
Well, i like video games without a doubt, art (if you couldn't tell XD) watching birds in my backyard, building Legos (I miss Bionicle T_T) building model plains, reading books, and writing sometimes lol
Favourite books
Oh where to start! I love reading to say the least XD I like Star Wars (Darth Maul is aweesome XD) Indiana Jones, The Boy Who Went to War (Realistic nonfiction book of WWII that i recommend) Goosebumps (Too much nostalgia! XD) Captain Underpants (Omg those series made me laugh SOO much XD) The Outsiders, Bird Books, pokemon Manga, and a TON of more books that i like lol.
Favourite movies
Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihilation (I love that movie XD) Space Balls (Must watch, it is HILLARIOUS) pokemon movies (another nostalgic movie XD) Star Wars III Revenge of the Sith (I can't stress how much i loved that movie when I was little, epic experience for the win!) MegaMind (I swear you will like that movie XD) Finding Nemo (First movie i EVER saw) and a lot of other movies i like XD
Favourite music
Oh nuts lol, i love ALL kinds of music XD I like Macklemore, Pitbull, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Wicked Sister, Video Game Music, mostly from Metroid games because they rock XD Devil Went Down to Georgia, Duel of Fates, Battle of Heroes, Imperial March ( all by John Williams), Life During Wartime (Talking Heads) Super Freak, and much more ^^
Uhh... how do i make one exactly?
Not telling unless i trust you
Sorry that have one -_-'
(Your invading Myspace! XD)
I dont think im allowed to have one yet O_o