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how to draw chibi bolin, legend of korra drawing tutorial
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19, Female
United Arab Emirates
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I'm small for my age(i know exactly how Edward Elric feels)and I am awesome(obviously).I'm a fan of plenty bands,and I am also good with music.I've got plenty of friends,meaning that I'm friendly so don't hesitate to friend me.I consider myself as 'smart',but when it comes to numbers,I really don't want to talk about it.I think I'm humorous(thats what my friends say).I think I'm emo or maybe just a tsundere,but my sister says I'm a deredere(and I hate it).I ship stuff really hard and my motto is like,"If my ship goes down,then I go down with it".I've got strong feels,very strong.I express them so hard that I cry hard when Amy Pond died in Doctor Who(omigod,no not again!Spoiler,sorrayh).I'm practically crying over my keyboard right now.END
Tools of the trade
My hobbies are reading,drawing,day dreaming,net surfing,blogging,staring at the clouds and creating characters.Hmph,I'm lazy and since I need about seven more for this part then....KAGE BUSHIN NO JUSTU!(SHADOW CLONE JUTSU!)
Favourite books
Hmm....let's see.Harry Potter,Percy Jackson,Fault in our stars.Moving on to manga AnoHana,Arakure,Yu-Gi-Oh!,Fullmetal Alchemist,Yozakura Quartet,Naruto,Naruto Shippuden,Bleach,Deathnote,Black Butler,Sword Art Online.END
Favourite movies
Harry Potter,Sherlock Holmes,Iron Man,Thor,Star Trek,Star Wars. Anime movies Naruto:Road to Ninja,Naruto:Blood Prison,Naruto:Mission to protect waterfall village,AnoHana movie(cant wait to cry again).END
Favourite music
Basically I like all of my bands songs so I am obviously not gonna type them all down here so instead let's do bands:One Direction,Greenday,Fall Out Boy,My Chemical Romance,Jonas Brothers,The Script,Fun,AcDc.
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Nevr heard o' it(yeah that's right)
That website's 4 weirdos
Just type in my first name
I'm not chatty k me silent