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Well I am 37 idk if that makes me an old fart on here or not. But my drawing age is less than a year. The story goes like this. Back in April-ish of 2014 I was watching my kids doodle and color, and I got the crazy Idea I was going to try and draw something. I haven't really drawn any thing in my whole life. So I set out to draw the genie from Aladdin. It wasn't really that good but a lot better than I thought it would be, and I guess you could say that I was hooked at that point. I began drawing something every day. I feel that I am getting better and learning something new just about every time I draw.
Tools of the trade
Pencils Paper fine point sharpies and colored pencils
Drawing I guess Geocaching Origami Cooking Life Hacks Utilizing the most space out of a small space.
Favourite books
Clive Cussler Novels and recently my pops has gotten me into Joel C Rosenberg
Favourite movies
Star Wars, Ghost Busters Breakfast at Tiffanies Moulin Rouge Back to the future
Favourite music
Pretty much anything currently like Bruno Mars quite a bit , Thompson Square Bon Jovi Sara Bareilles so on and so on