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I'm a drawing fan and I love daydreaming. I love my baby sis and she likes me XD. I might take anime art requests but only if i know the character, i usually like to draw my own made up things. If anyone has dragon requests tho ill be happy to draw, just post it in the comments. My new website is now up and running, so please visit and if you want, become a member. I also reccomend going onto Djanime's wesite you can find this link on her profile and Anonguy's website :)
Tools of the trade
Well i don't have any other pencils than HB so thats the one one i use. If it's coloured its either colouring pencils or paint on the computer.
Drawing dragons and anime, listening to music and daydreams ^^
Favourite books
... i read books? If it's manga i usually watch the anime.
Favourite movies
uhhhh... theres too many im not bothered to type that much.
Favourite music
Linking park, escape the fate, Fergie, Pussycat dolls, Kitaro, Madonna.... i don't remmeber the rest ^^'
dunno what that is
In my dreams
Not gonna happen
Not in 1000 years