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United States
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I am seeing a lot of people describing what they look like, so I guess I'll join in. I am 5'9", 14 (i messed up when i created the account), I have greenish-blueish- grayish eyes, my hair is blonde with natural brunette highlights with a natural tint of red (it's interesting) and I guess I am kinda skinny :) Edit: I haven't been on FOREVER so im gonna become more active now :) WARNING: I am a gigantic Beatles fan, so approach me with caution, because if you dis them (especially Paul), I might go on a giant rant on why they are the BEST BAND EVER..... that is all :3 ♥ Beatles Babe ♥
Tools of the trade
Pencils, paper, Bamboo Create tablet :)
Drawing, writing, reading, facebook (haha, i am addicted), singing, dancing (if I'm alone in my room :P) and the best sport ever... VOLLEYBALL!!!! OH! and reading my giant Beatles book (it's full of great pics and was written by the Fab Four themselves ☺)
Favourite books
The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod (best vampire series ever, even better than Twilight), The Invention of Hugo Cabret, The Uglies Series, Percy Jackson Series, The Maze Runner Trilogy, Hunger Games, Catching Fire, I Am Number Four, The Maximum Ride Series, Wish, Troy High, a whole lot more that would take weeks to say :)
Favourite movies
The Last Airbender (you know what, I understand M. Night kinda butchered it, but I love the series and like Sokka said, "At least the effects were decent!") Help! is a great Beatles movie :) Umm, I'm also a fan of The Lightning Thief and I Am Number Four. Stepbrothers is amazing (I swear for a second, you took the shape of a unicorn!)
Favourite music
THE BEATLES FOREVER! Again, I am a freaking Beatles maniac :) :) :) And just so you know, Scotty McCreery is my cowboy boyfriend ;) I also like Bruno Mars, Paramore, Hawk Nelson, Nicki Minaj (SUPER BASS!!!! X3), Adele and Big Time Rush and Journey and.... i ♥ music, m'kay?