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Boom! I am a hero! Fine, I was just playing around, but, yeah, I am a hero in my family. So, hey, it's me, Marilda Celeste! I am normal usual girl. Forget my age, it does not exist, I am an immortal. Wait, immortals do have age! Well, I am not an immortal nor mortal. Sooo, I might have a changed a bit, well, just a bit since I last came online. You should know that Teresa, Crystal, Jadzia and I formed a band. I will not tell the name, its a secret (The name's Charmix)! So, I think most of you know me well, so, bye! No more info! Bye...bye...*Waves hands*...BYE!
Tools of the trade
Pencil (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), erasers, sketch pencils, color pencils and paper and many more!
Drawing, Reading, Exploring, Acting, Dancing, Playing video games (Wii), Singing, Cooking, Listening to music, Riding horses, Driving, Imagining, Eating chocolate cake, Watching movies. Telling stories.
Favourite books
Twilight, Little Women, Secret Garden, Safe Haven, Night at Rodanthe, Message in the Bottle, Around the world in 80 days, Robinson Crusoe, Moby Dick, Dracula, the tenant of the Wild fell Hall, Sherlock Holmes, Tom Sawyer, The Tale of Two Cities, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Pride and Prejudice, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Series, 50 fairy stories, Legend of Zelda!
Favourite movies
Shrek, Brave, Ratatouille, Robot, Baby's Day Out, Home Alone 123, Wall-e, Savage Garden, Doraemon Steel Troops, School of Rock, Johnny English, Mr. Bean's Holiday, Lizzie McGuire the movie, Gulliver's Travel, Real Steel, A Cinderella Story, Star Trek, Monte Carlo, Aquamarine, Titanic, Orphan and Friday the 13th!
Favourite music
Can't tell
is useless for kids.
Awesome! But no.