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hello! im mikayla, 17, im shy.... but then im usually hyper and random around friends. iv been drawing forever! its literally all I do. I play the violin and the guitar. im straight. im also a Christian <3 I absolutely love playing soccer! I hope you enjoy my art and meet new friends ^^
Tools of the trade
I mostly just use a pencil, but I also use pro markers, sharpie, and this detail pens and gel pens :) I mostly draw animals and characters, and now im starting to draw anime wolves more offen idk why but there pretty cool lol and im new to digital art.
well drawing obviously lol I also love playing soccer, and listening to my music, watching tv and watching youtube such as o2l, wolfs rain, people drawing, and just funny videos lol
Favourite books
hmm im not much of a reader because its hard to find books I can really enjoy but some are hunger games, wolves of the beyond, and seekers. im really in to animals that can talk lol.
Favourite movies
I love to watch movies especially Disney like spirit stallion of the Cimarron, and lion king are my fave. my fave actors are Brendan fraser, and Josh hutcherson, so I like movies with them in it
Favourite music
I love rock music my favorite bands are nickelback and linkin park. my least fave is rap and country is ok I just listen to a few songs lol. and dubstep is pretty cool to I really just listen to one song which is monster by meg and dia.
idk how to make one.....
only if i know ya
I GOT ONE!!!!!!! It's mkaymickey22
i would tell you but idk you.......
dont have but want