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About Me let see let's just say I'm a little pervertish ill sock you in the butt or slapp you while your not looking XD! I love to draw well as ya know we all like to draw here cause were all artist.....I'm a really funny bubbily person I have a real crazyish personality. Shout out to kbailey Noobsaibot. Master_yang, halo 4 warrior!and Dusktomorning! Umm those are really googd friends of mine I know lots of games but if you like animE/manga go on Gaia.com! I have a hamster and two cats mouth and cute mouth well is really loud and cute is soft and cute I have a great like I'm kinda of a geek about yu-gi-oh and mlp I love both. Anime is the thign I know most about :))))). Lol that smiley face looks like a double chins... Well that's it I guess my minds blank.
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Yo I'm Toria! I've finally got the kitten but I got two XD! I couldn't bevelive to tell ya the trurth I didn't think I'd even get a cat. The two are girls and I hvaent named them yet I'm still thinking- what the heck are drawing tools also I think pencil rubber crayons book I guess......oh and a very late happy new year as well I missed out the whole january here- I love to draw my charaters and pokemon I've already drew meloweta I've think I fond a name for my working anime- tHe unite of the harmony lockets- its about this demenstion with a great ruler and the dark side tried to kill out the good a so the rulers and potectors put all there power to creat some lockets.
Dance,act,eat,play,read and expecally EAT, sing, draw and paint
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I like sailor moon books, code name sailor V, queen of style, all princess collection,chibi vampire and DORa....just kidding oh and old jamaican stories :).
Favourite movies
Tangeled, alfa and omega,barbie magic of the rainbow, ant bully,lion king 1 and 2, fast and furious.
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Diamonds, everytime we touch, wake me up inside, unfaithful, Yu-gi-oh theme song, a princess lulaby,
I trying to make one!
what's the hell is that
do I really need one really do i
this too I need this to play a very nice game
TWEET TWEET, I'm a blue bird like mordicai in regular show XD