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how to draw chibi mordecai, mordecai drawing tutorial
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18, Female
United States
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I'm a girl who has been OBSESSED with drawing lately. I like to read too. But only fantasy books cause any other kind is boring with a capital B. I'm totally random. My friends are like that too. Like my BFF. I'm fourteen years old and I guess I'm pretty cuz all of the boys in my classes STARE at me. It's flattering but creepy. Go figure. Also I'm funny as pie. (Did I mention I like pie?) Overall, I'm a nice, random, funny, apparently pretty, girl. Btw, I have a boyfriend named Liam. He's SO hawt. I think he goes on Dragoart, too.
Tools of the trade
Pencils, pens, brushes, sharpies..…
Reading and drawing, baby! :)
Favourite books
Life of pi, sisters grimm series, the hunger games series, and about every other awesome book. ;D
Favourite movies
Life of Pi, Hunger Games, all of the Twilight movies, White Chicks, Hangover, Bad Teacher, Despicable Me, and a lot more I don't remember.
Favourite music
Everything except rap,jazz, classical, and country except I like Taylor Swift.