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United Kingdom
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Well lets so I love British.. I go on drago art about 3 days every week o.o lets make it 5 days every week now :P I will post pictures of my drawings.... Currently working on an anime book i want it to be like 1000 pictures so far i have 11 Im not a typical type of person i pretty much stick with what i want o.o i try to draw really good and if i mess up i gotta start all over O_O' Um, i dont do twitter or FB i have a instagram..? Um i like burgers i eat that every were... I like making people laugh my favorite video is 'What does the fox say" btw he says <--------- DING DING DING IDNG DINGMkjhdfg....
Tools of the trade
Ya know the Stuff.. A eraser.. Really cheap o.o dollar store for like 50 cents.. Some crayola Markers (SKINNY) <-- always gotta use the skinny for outlining ;) Ok.. um those are like idk 1 dollar o.o Ok then my crayola color pencils (42) COUGH COUGH* always gotta get the bigger kind witch may be like idk 2-3 dollars o.o and there u go
Drawing anime, Swimming, Talking, You know the normal stuff i dont have alot im trying to be more active so yea I also Love the computer so and i instragram so follow that.... Color_splash_Rainbow Ok so yea...
Favourite books
Well i dont really have one im not that type of reader unless have to -.- But if i could pick a book i like i guess it would me Alien Androids attack arizona.. Its about like there teacher is an android and they go to this planet to stop Her and The kid almost dyed but her friend shuts down the alien thing to make them all normal and she finds out he is a nice android ... so yea <.>
Favourite movies
Um i dont really want Movies/TV But i guess my favorite movie would have to be.................................................. Transformers Weird but its a good show o.o how his car like form and he like O.O Its just a nice show for me :D
Favourite music
I listen To stuff on Y-100 So if u have the time to read all up this ^_^ Um Evensse, Katty Perry, Lady gaga, Pitbull, ~One direction~ <.< < Um.. J-Z. Nyo Neo, Usher, Miley cryus .-. <.< Wow so i dont have alot... So i guess those are some of the song people i listen to Some one my fave songs are like a G6, Best song ever, Wrecking ball, Blood on the dance floor, ET, Applause, Roar, Magic, And yea ill add more lady (Probably not but yea)
I was suppose to have one? O.o
itsoraven@gmail.com < NO CREEPY PEEPS ONLY ANIME PEEPS>
Um i didnt know i was suppose to have this either o.O
No you aint gonna be in my space ^_^
i Dont face my books :( Im sorry :(
The little birdy didnt tell me that i was suppose to have this "twitter" either god .. O.O