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how to draw erza drawing tutorial
how to draw medusa drawing tutorial
how to draw a sexy man drawing tutorial
how to draw day of the dead girl drawing tutorial
how to draw chibi elfen lied drawing tutorial
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United Kingdom
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I am gladly falling back in love with drawing and creating new things, as i kind off put drawing on the backburner.
Tools of the trade
I use the 3 P's, Pencils, Pens and Paper lol
Favourite books
Anything to do with Cheryl Cole. Also, graphic novels, X-Men and Star Wars being my favourite. Im into manga as well, Bleach is my favourite title!!!!! ; )
Favourite movies
Marvel movies - X-Men, Spiderman, Avengers, Captain America, Thor etc. Star Wars. Transformers. Charlies Angels. Indianna Jones. The movies i like are very varied as i like movies from most genres. Action, Adventure, Comedys, Rom/Coms, Sci -Fi.
Favourite music
Cheryl Cole. Girls Aloud. Rhinna. Lady Gaga. Nicki Minaj. Ke$ha. Liking Little Mix and One Direction at the moment lol. Into Pop/Dance, like majorly!!!!