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Well, I'm only 14 years old. Fun is my middle name, right after Art, Love, Dreams and then...Dawn, Natasha. Dawn, who name's their child that? In some cases it can be a beautiful name, but not in my case. I think it was my grandma who chose that. Ah, a fashionable name in the olden days.Come to think of it what was art and fashion like in the olden days? Well, I guess we have great GREAT artists like Picasso and Monet to show us. Ahhhhh Monet, my favourite artist. He's just SO talented! I remember saying to my Mother when I was little, "That's easy!" and then we had to interpret one of Monet's painting, and let's just say...Mine didn't turn out the way I thought >.< I usually draw with pencil, however sometimes I use pens and paints. But most of the time I draw with pencil and then leave it. I feel that sometimes adding too much, like colour, ruins the drawing. Less is More sometimes. ^.^ I like to sing, dance, play guitar/piano. And just altogether
Tools of the trade
Pencils, Pens, colouring pencils, water colour paints
Singing, Dancing, Writing, Song Writing, Drawing, Hula Hooping, Shopping.
Favourite books
The one and only <3 The Fault in our Stars-John Green <3 Hunger games <3 Harry Potter <3 ---------------------------- Basically romantic books, action books, fantasy books.
Favourite movies
Hunger games <3 Men in black <3 Pirates of the Caribbean <3 ------------------------- Basically Romantic movies, Action movies, Fantasy movies
Favourite music
Avril Lavigne <3 Demi Lovato <3 --------------------- Music is a huge part of my life, i love all types of music EXCEPT opera.
My Paigeeworld website! >> www.paigeeworld.com/u/melissa8111
Email me with any requests, tips, ANYTHING >> melissa_hawkes@outlook.com
I actually do have a DevianArt account! >> melissa8111.deviantart.com
My space? My bedroom?
Why do they even call it that?
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