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19, Female
United States
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I love drawing anime! Anime is my favorite, I've never tried drawing realistically before. But I have a friend who is much better at it than I am; she's never taken a single art class in her life and everyone LOVES her artwork!
Tools of the trade
I don't know why, but I never use the fancy pencils or the special erasers. I just use random pencils I find around the house, I will use a paper stump for blending on occasion, but I usually don't have any special tools for drawing.
I like to sing. People say I'm good at it but I honestly suck. Drawing, obviously... I guess I like messing around with my keyboard. I tried taking lessons once, but I hated it and quit... Oh, and I write. I haven't gotten anything published... YET ... but I plan to! You guys will be the first to know, promise!
Favourite books
Maximum Ride, Harry Potter, Fantasia, Hunger Games, Perloo the Bold, Twilight(on occasion), etc.
Favourite movies
The Shawshank Redemption, the Bourne Identity, Meet the Parents, Stardust, etc.
Favourite music
Paramore, Flyleaf, Evanescence, Florence + The Machine, the All American Rejects, Pink, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Blink 182, etc.