Favourite tutorials
how to draw jeff the killer drawing tutorial
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I am 13 years old and new! Add me and send me request! <3
Tools of the trade
Well i love to draw on paper and on my phone! On my phone i use a stylus and on paper i sketch out what i want to draw with a pencil then i trace over with a black sharpie and then finally i use sharp pointed color pencils ( never crayons ). I also may use colored sharpies to color! ^o^
Drawing is my number one hobbie, then writing songs, singing,play video games ( black ops 1 and 2 ) etc.
Favourite books
I have a series, first book is Unenchanted: An Unfortunate Fairytale, Book 2: Unemchanted An Unfortunate Fairytale: Snow White ( im not sure i forgot ) Book 3: (In Making)
Favourite movies
Bridesmaids, The Call, Hotel Wanda, Hungergames, Identity THeif, Monsters Inc, Lilo and Stitch, etc ( more and more )
Favourite music
all i can say is that my favorite type of music is ROCK!