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how to draw a kitty drawing tutorial
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(if im online PIM me i love doing that :D)I am a total Tech Freak. i love computers and i've been using then ever since i could walk at age about..4 i guess. And ever since i was in Pre-K i could draw like instead of stick people and thinks like that i would draw their eyes, nose hair, etc. even though it was like one was bigger than the other but still. Oh Yeah almost forgot.. I LUV KATS! XD
Tools of the trade
Mainly the normal stuff.. Pencils,Pens,Markers,Crayons, Paint,Pastels, and all the other stuff. I know it might not be like any other program like Photoshop or anything but I just don't have a tablet or anything i like to draw on paper anyways! i know what your thinking... Lame! Well sorry!
Doodleing, drawing, Computers biking, jumping rope, and saying "I love Cats!" LOL!
Favourite books
Warior Cats, Twilight and Inkheart , Inkspell ect. series! :P   /l、 ゛(゜、 。 7  l、゛ ~ヽ  じしf_, )ノ
Favourite movies
Avatar, Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey, and Oliver and Company. I know they are all Child-ish but i just like the classics. Don't Judge Me! :D LOL!
Favourite music
Pop, a little of rock and hip hop. And i guss Jazz