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20, Female
United States
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Member since: Jan 03, 2013
I'm in 8th grade. I am learning 3 languages besides english. I love to read manga! I'm very bubbly but don't get on my bad side or you'll regret it. I watch Doctor Who and HOA(House of Anubis). I love the TV show Bones and Grimm. I'm too nice to hurt most people but if I do it's an accident. I'm very quirky and cant sit still but if you get used to me I'm a great friend. My best friends are like family and I would do anything for them. I'm horrible at typing and super smart.I have a friend in Japan. I also have 3 friends from china, 1 from vietnam, and 1 who moved here from Japan. Also, Castle is a good TV show. I know I may seem ADHD or ADD but I'm not. I have a weird sense of humor so I dont blame you if you don't get my jokes. Well, bye!!!!!!!!<3
Tools of the trade
Pencils(mechanical), Colored pencils, free time, inspiration
Drawing, reading, video games, hanging out with my friends,....
Favourite books
Montmorency,Harry Potter,The Secret series, Furuba(Fruits Basket), Bizenghast, The Skin-Jacker Trilogy, 7 Sorcerers, Maximum Ride(the manga), The Looking Glass Wars, Fairy Tail....
Favourite movies
Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Tangled, the Adventures of Tintin, ....
Favourite music
Adele, Owl City,BURN IT DOWN, Want U Back, Call Me Maybe, Chameleon Circut,....