Favourite tutorials
how to draw a baby panda, baby panda bear cub drawing tutorial
how to draw a flaming rose drawing tutorial
draw rose petals drawing tutorial
how to draw a cartoon rose drawing tutorial
how to draw spring flowers drawing tutorial
how to sketch an eagle drawing tutorial
how to draw a blood sucking vampire drawing tutorial
19, Female
United States
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I really love to draw, write, read, play soccer, run around, play, and a lot of other things. I like drawing horses, flowers, anime, and instruments.
Tools of the trade
I usually just use a pencil. I don't like to color things in because I think it ruins the picture.
Collecting coins, books, drawing, writing stories, playing soccer, saying hi to random people, stuff like that.
Favourite books
I don't have one favorite book. I love most of the books I read!
Favourite movies
I like Hugo, but I don't have a favorite.
Favourite music
I like One Direction, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Train, Jason Moraz, and a few more.