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I am a mother of a daughter and a future wife to a very great man. I am very creative when time let's me be. Having to care for a household and caring for a child doesn't leave much time for me to be creative. I am a very kind, honest person. I am a great friend to have. I been told I can be very blunt but that's just who I am. I will tell you what I think and will not lie. There is no reason to lie to anyone for any reason what so ever. With that being said I think I have pretty much put what I needed down for this part.
Tools of the trade
I use a HB 2 to draw usually. Sometimes I will use a white pencil also. I usually paint with oils, gouache. I have done some work with pastels also.
I love to draw and paint and play FPS and RPG games when I get a chance to do so.
Favourite books
I love to read manga, adventure, horror and some romance books.
Favourite movies
My favorite movies are horror, and zombie movies. Favorite zombie movie is Evil Dead from this year and Awwww Zombies.
Favourite music
I like many different kinds of music but I am not a fan of country music.