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United States
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What i like to draw #1 people #2 doodles #3 crazy ideas You should know that I am bi and proud as hell about it My life is insane and so are my ideas and art,I base my art on real life. Over 400 species have homosexuality Only 1 has homophobia If your homophic.... You should probably die.... Dear Boys, If she bites her lip, it means she wants to kiss you. If she fidgets with her hands, it means she wants to hold your hand. If she blushes, it means she loves your smile. If she smiles, it means she thinks your cute. If she laughs, it means she thinks the moment couldn't be better. If she looks at you a lot, it means she doesn't want you to go. If she talks to you daily, it means that you're the only who can make her feel better. If she fixes her shirt, it means she wants you to grab who around the waist. If she has her hands crossed around her chest, it means she wants a hug. &if she does all of these things... well, then she loves you. Quotations "Who I am h
Tools of the trade
Mechanical Pencil,Regular # 2 pencil.
I don't like sports and i i have a horrible habit to dislike jocks and cheerleader's.Aka the SO called popular kids. Writing,painting,drawing,reading,video editing ,dancing(only in the rain),doodling,Surfing the web,Cooking (but i hate cleaning).,Digital art.I can draw but the steps are useless to me I only copy the pictures down and I normally mix and math facial features and clothes between different pictures.
Favourite books
I don't have just one or two.
Favourite movies
My fave movie right now is : Make the yuletide gay
Favourite music
Too many to name!