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Hey guys, Kayla here. AKA Shy the night fury! I've been described as crazy by all my friends :P. Im your average 13 year old, not. I tell the truth. I dont make up lies to look good, I guess thats why I dont have many friends. I have been drawing since I was 3 because of my inspiration, Spyro the Dragon! I <3 Invader Zim! CHECK OUT MY WEBISTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm also a computer nerd, I like to play minecraft, and I'm not very good at MC fanart :P I am friends with Lauren <3 Dragons are my life! I believe they are real, and no one will change that! Te he, I love books. Especially Harry Potter..... lol i suck at redstone
Tools of the trade
I like to use just pencil, and my finger to help with shading. I also use all types of colored pencils. I ONLY use sharpie to color things with marker. For my digital art work, I use BAMBOO touch and pen pad, and my laptop pad, to draw I use MS paint, Gimp 2.2, and Photoshop Elements.
Drawing dragons of course! I Play violin too. I use a compound bow to show arrows at a range near me, although I just started archery :3 Btw my youtube is kayball9, I make dragon animations.
Favourite books
Warrior Cats, Last Dragon Cronicles, Wings of Fire, Hunger Games, HARRY POTTER!!
Favourite movies
How to Train Your Dragon!LONG LIVE TOOTHLESS Oh, and also Harry Potter and Rise of the Guardians ^^
Favourite music
Enrique Englacias, Rob Thomas, Dave Matthews, LMFAO, 30 Seconds To Mars, Dead Mau5, Skrillex, Philip Philips, Katy Perry, Simple Plan, to many to name honestly!
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I'd rather not have one ^^
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