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. lucy
21, Female
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Okay then, I'm a major gamer and all-round anime watcher and manga reader. I love minecraft, skyrim, Harvest moon and any rpg really... I'm a really nice person. I love to talk to people about anime and manga, so feel free to recommend any of your favourite anime/manga to me. I also take on requests, so if you would like to see a drawing of something/someone (please keep it to games/anime/manga) then i will try my hardest to reach your requirements :D i love skateboarding and parkour too although im still learning haha...
Tools of the trade
Mechanical Pencil, Pencils, white paper, lined paper (only when white paper isn't available), black fine-liners. I tend not to use textas or pens cause i dont trust them cause they always run out when i use them. and i dont like crayons that much.. earser.
I mainly love to read these days and drawing as well. I enjoy sleeping and writing novels, short stories, character bio's and so on. I enjoy skateboarding and parkour unfortuneately I'm not all that sporty so I get tired easy, but thats due to my love of gaming.
Favourite books
I will admit i love reading. Its a good past time. I like manga a lot, my favourites are… Death Note, soul eater, bleach, Naruto, One piece . I also like novels too, such as the hunger games series, assassins creed, harry potter, Warriors, Lord of the flies, Alice in wonderland, Time machine, Odd Thomas
Favourite movies
Anime series/movies: Ghibli things, Soul Eater, Death Note, Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, Akame ga Kill, Ouran High Host Club, Baka to Test, Aria the Scarlet Ammo, Bleach, Naruto. Movies/Tv series: Matrix, Les Miserales, Stargate, Starwars, Startrek, Hitchiker's guide to the galexy, a lot of sci-fi things, LOTR
Favourite music
Jeff Williams (RWBY soundtrack), Nightwish, Vocaloid, Linkin Park, Beatles, Disturbed, a few others things
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