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Well, let me begin by telling you why I joined this site. I joined this site because I personally believe it to be the best tutorial site out there. I really like to draw things by looking at the final product. I find myself to draw better by just skipping to the end of the tutorials. I draw things from this website just because I find this stuff to be intriguing, I love art, and anything that has to do with it. Especially when the artwork is what I have created or drawn. I recently learned how to draw by reading a book called "Drawing on the Right side of the Brain." You guys should check it out, it's an amazing book. I am 17 years old, and I enjoy art, technology, and vehicles. I am a very friendly person, and once you get to know me; I can get pretty weird. (Doesn't everyone when you get to know them?) So add me, we can talk, share techniques, etc. Thank you for taking your time to read my "About Me"
Tools of the trade
Pen, Pencils, Paper, Graphite sticks, colored pencils...
Collecting broken electronics, modding things, hacking things, computer technology (My most proficient skill) I like to consider myself as a recycle'r. I find broken electronics, and attempt to fix them. If I fail at that, I remove electrical components and rebuild others' with them. I like to draw as well.
Favourite books
I don't have many, unless you consider the Bible to be one of them, I like reading manuals, specifically about how to dis-assemble or re-assemble machinery, like vehicles. I personally like everything, and anything that has to do with drawing, or learning new shading techniques.
Favourite movies
I don't watch very many movies. But anything that has to do with sci-fi or heavy action packed movies I like to watch.
Favourite music
No website currently.
Email Contact me if you wish.
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