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Androgynous person who draws a lot. I am involved in a lot of major video game/cartoon fandoms (are they major? I dunno). A lot of my art is therefore fan art, however I have actual OCs as well as FCs (oh gosh I think I just dated myself no one uses the term FC anymore eeeeee). An FC is a Fan Character, like how an OC is an Original Character. :)
Tools of the trade
Lots of stuff. Generally pencil and paper. I ink with Microns, usually, but sometimes I do ballpoint pen. I color with whatever's around, i.e. colored pencils, crayons, markers...
Drawing, coding, and making music. That is what I do. That's it. :D
Favourite books
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Chris Hart books, etc.
Favourite movies
The Greatest Showman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Wreck-It Raplh are currently my favorite movies.
Favourite music
You know that indie music on YouTube? Like, the ones that are made just for video game fandoms and stuff? Like, TryHardNinja? DAGames? How about CG5 or OR3O? The Stupendium? JT Music? No? Well at least you've heard of Imagine Dragons.