Favourite tutorials
how to draw a butterfly design drawing tutorial
how to sketch a rose drawing tutorial
how to draw yuuko, yuuko ichihara from xxxholic drawing tutorial
how to draw miku drawing tutorial
how to draw an anime witch, anime witch girl drawing tutorial
drawing anime eyes drawing tutorial
how to draw anime male eyes drawing tutorial
how to draw female anime eyes drawing tutorial
how to draw an anime scene girl, anime scene girl drawing tutorial
how to draw anime clothes, draw manga clothes drawing tutorial
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I'm just a normal female who loves to draw and show others how to draw. I've never made a tutorial on here. I've tried to do it, but it would never actually be submited. :( If you would like to be my friend, I'll accept!
Tools of the trade
For digital art I use: Laptop computer, Bamboo Drawing Tablet, PhotoShop Elements 9 For traditional art I use: copy/printer paper or a notebook, michanical pencils, big eraser (I'm serious. BIG), Sargent Art Watercolor pencils and Loew-Cornell colored pencils, Nano-Liner markers (for outlining)
ART. I'd say music but that doesn't make sence. I can't even write a song.
Favourite books
Warriors, HungerGames, an old japanese book I'm trying to translate, and Septimus Heap.
Favourite movies
Inception, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Pirates of the Caribean
Favourite music
Rock, SOME pop, techno/dubstep, and alternative.
Pfft. Like I'd tell you. D:< CREEPER! (lolwut)
IDC. Don't have one.
IDC. Don't have one.
IDC. Don't have one.