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how to draw dragonite, dragonite drawing tutorial
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Uhh...i like turtles o.o...xD lol ok um Im a Neko mew mew :3 Im a Meister looking for a weapon :P Im very random and awesome Im friendly (not to snakes or dogs hehe long story) I Have a second Personality Named Charlie n.n say Hi Charlie :o Charlie: No -.-" Me: so rude e.e Well Charlies not very friendly He's like ragranok in crona from the show soul eater if yall know what that is O.o Well bye lol told you i was random x3 (*-*)/
Tools of the trade
Pencil, Markers, Coloring Pencils, Gel pens, Eraser, etc...
yall ask too many questions v.v I like Drawing, Learning how to draw, Tv, hamsters, computer, etc...blah blah blah o.o
Favourite books
House of night: Wanted Heku Vampyre etc... sorry too lazy to name them >.<
Favourite movies
Mama, Insidious, Dont be afraid of the dark, Karate Kid, Lilo and Stitch, Next Friday, Hallowen, Seed of Chucky, Bride of Chucky, Blade, Interview with a Vampire, Cars 2, 21 Jump Street, Smokin Ace's, Warm Bodies, etc... there's much more v.v
Favourite music
Three day's Grace, Nightcore, Trance, Miku Hatsune, Breaking Benjamin, Black Veil Brides, System of a down, MSI, Marilyn Mansion, etc...*sighs*
this website o.o
yes i have an email ;-;
what space?
face is an face and a book is a book DUH *face palm*
no it's twitty bird...*face palm again*