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haha well my names izzy don't make fun of it when I say it but haha let me start off my saying I love this website haha yes I'm what people call a jock yea cap of the football team but I'm really a nice guy if u give me a chance well haha I'm happy to meet all the people I met on this website from my bros dusk and Leo to the girls who had my bad Shea Ilse haha well yes I'm a guy w i play sports I love shoes a lot I can't even tell u how much I have that's how much I have lol I love to help people when they need help don't fuck with or hurt my friends bcaz if u do that's the lastthing u will do trust me in not all bark no bite iI'm all bite no bark haha I'm very into sports I play football basketbal
Tools of the trade
There's nothing I would love more then some strawberrys yummy lol I love fruits a lot I love dogs a lot they mean the world to me mostly my dog I have now haha I also love kids a lot I can't wait to finally have some to call my own some day haha um I love the color purple o I do take drawing request and friends requests when ever I see or get them i love to right songs and play the guitar and drums when ever i can its hard i dont have alot ot time on ky hands but when i do i exersize as much as i can to be e best i can be um haha idk what else to say well by add me
Well I love to go fishing for fish and shark, I love to play sports with friends and family,I love to help and be around kids,I love to be in school just to see my friends and to get a into a good college, play ping pong,going out to partys but staying sober lmfao
Favourite books
Wow books when most people would look at me they would say o he doesn't read books he's not smart enough or he can't read but yes I can I love the book speak , hunher games ,catching fire , to kill a mocking bird, Fahrenheit 451 , son of the mod , son of the sod Hollywood hustle, romeo and juliet i love any book I can get my hands on
Favourite movies
Haha movies um where should I start I'm a very big fan of funny movies but I think one of the best movies I have seen would have to be her its a great love movie but I love the little doe man guy he's so funny
Favourite music
Well I write songs so I got to lesson to every type of music but I dislike rock and music like that I just never like them that much
phone company - u didnt pay your bill so u get no website me-man why u got to be tripping for phone company -*the guys falls down the stairs* me- o shit im magical phone company -no i just fell over my shoe lace
no no no not today
theres only enough space foe me
I have a face and a book which do u wan't
does it count if I know a bird named Twitter?as