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I really like to do cartoon art, especially my own interpretations. Right now I'm interested in mostly HTTYD, Adventure Time, Regular Show and MLP based. I enjoy impressionist painting, sculpture and normal drawing. I started serious drawing a couple of years ago and now enter big-ish art comps. I also work as a student teacher to primary school kids at an art school. All of these are good achievements considering im pretty young. I love compliments and opinions on my artworks (maybe a weakness of mine...) so please comment if you like, don't like, or are anywhere else in between. I'm a usually friendly person, and will mostly accept any friend requests so feel free to. Keep looking out for more art from me! Thanks for reading.
Tools of the trade
Water colour, acrylics, Sharpies and pencils and Microsoft Paint. I also sometimes use Photoshop to brighten up my pics before I put them on here.
Art, watching cartoons and also reading. Also being lazy. Is that a hobby? It is to me.
Favourite books
The Fault In Our Stars, The Kite Runner, Divergent, Hunger games, Series of Unfortunate Events, and heaps of others I cant be bothered to mention.
Favourite movies
TFIOS, How To Train Your Dragon (1 and 2), and im not sure what else. My favourite TV shows are Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go and Regular Show.
Favourite music
I like pop and alternative music, mostly depending on my mood. My favourite bands ad artists at the moment are probably Lorde (who I saw in concert which was AWESOME!!!), FUN, Imagine Dragons, Iggy Azalea (is that how you spell that?) and others.
Uhhh yeah..
Thats still a thing? When did that start? 1958?
Not yet....
Allergic to birds. Sorry.