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United States
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Hi, I'm HeartShapedLocket, but just call me 'Lock' or 'Locket'. Some more names you can call me are 'Jynx', 'Jynxeh', and 'Coconut'. I like drawing and strive to get better. That's why I joined DragoArt- to learn and share my art. :3 So, please give me ways to improve via e-mail or just on my art. If you have and requests or questions don't hesitate to ask. Now, what you've been waiting for- about me! I can be mean, rude, but at the same time I can be nice and loving. I love animals and want to be a Veterinarian someday. Or an artist. That would work too. I also love writing and metal/rock music. So, go ahead and Private IM me and we could become good friends. ~~Locket
Tools of the trade
Photoshop Elements 7.0 Artrage 2.5 Adesso 10x6.25 Tablet
Drawing, writing, singing, complaining, whining, trolling n00b forums, annoying people, and lots more :yay:
Favourite books
Favorites; Warriors The Hunger Games Catching Fire Mockingbird Misty of Chincoteaque(spelling?) Despised; Twilight and any of its forms
Favourite movies
Beavers: The Best Dam Movie Ever! Transformers and all it's sequels Child's Play Tons of others I'm too lazy to list ^^;
Favourite music
Oh God, this'll take forever...