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Kitty: I'm a young, shy Christian animal rights activist. I'm native to the United States but I want to live in Australia one day. I love all animals, and consider myself to be a "Mother Nature" of sorts, because I'm the one who tries to keep everything balanced. It's unwise to discriminate or harm for no reason any animal within my eyesight. I'm usually pretty gentle, but I can get really riled up really easily on the subject of animals. Katrina: Katrina, Jedi Padawan and witch-in-training at your service. I serve as Kitty's main OC, alter ego, and conscience. I'm an elf native to the planet of Null, which makes me an alien to you Earthen humans. I'm slightly nuts, with a tendency towards pyromania. Word to you humans: Learn that you are animals as well! Tone down the arrogance, for galaxies' sake!
Tools of the trade
Mainly just mechanical pencils and paper. I'm super OCD about my pencils' sharpness, so mechanical pencils work sooo much better for me XD. I mostly use coloured pencils for colouring my drawings when I actually choose to colour them. For inking, I use inking pens specifically for manga. I never use computer programs. I really suck at those, so it's good ol' paper and pencil for me, haha!
I love to draw, obviously, read, and write. My current writing project is a fantasy/sci-fi book titled "Guardians: Kindling". I'm happy to share, so just ask me and I'll e-mail it to you, although I've got freaking writer's block. I love to be in nature, thoroughly enjoying catch-and-release fishing, feeding geese and ducks (gotta love mallards), listening to music (preferably while drawing) and hanging out with my baby, a corn snake named Sage. I also like to insult Frozen and Twilight, be sarcastic, dark and basically cynical :) So yeah, I'm fun. Um, I tend to take people's problems onto myself, which is taxing but worth it. So yeah. Oh! And I am VEEERY lazy.
Favourite books
I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Fablehaven, Spirit Animals, and the Familiars. Fantasy suits me well, and I also really like Star Wars books, especially the Old Republic ones. And Mr. Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark's book Cryptozoology A-Z is AWESOME!! I also like The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson. Beautiful story, shame Disney had to ruin it. To Twilight- VAMPIRES DO NOT SPARKLE YOU IDIOT!
Favourite movies
I tend to watch TV shows and YouTube more than movies. I like to watch River Monsters, The Crocodile Hunter, Wild Kratts and Toddlers & Tiaras. The last one is just so I can laugh at it. I watch anime occasionally. I've watched Naruto, Ouran High School Host Club, Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater, One Piece and Trigun. However, I tend to watch anime at night and because it's often blocked, I can't watch it often.
Favourite music
I grew up listening to mainly contemporary Christian artists. Only recently have I started to explore other genres, but I still seem to always end back up with Christian artists. I like Thousand Foot Krutch <33333, Icon for Hire, Mandissa, TobyMac, Newsboys, MercyMe, Eiffel 65, Linkin Park, Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, Family Force Five, Red, Disciple and Skillet. My favourite songs...I have lots of those. "Who We Are" and "Breathe into Me" by Red, "Puppet", "Down", "Set it Off", "New Drug", "My Home", "Bring Me to Life", virtually anything by TFK, "Crawling" by Linkin Park, "Going Under" by Evanescence, "Black Diamond" by Stratovarius, "Fireflies" by Owl City, "The Phoenix" by Fall Out Boy, and like a gazillion others.
If I had a website... Nevermind.
*rolls eyes* What's the point of TWO drawing websites?
My space is *draws a huge circle around me- here. Stay away* it's my protection from maniacal rabid terriers
*sticks face in book* This is my face book. Oh, wrong kind? Okay! *chucks the Encyclopedia Brittanica at people*
No. Just no. The only Twitters and tweets I like come from my birdies in the yard.