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how to draw a cartoon cat head drawing tutorial
19, Female
American Samoa
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WADDUP MAH PEEPZ!!! That is my classic entrance to a chat. My name is Kayla and I am 12. I love to draw, and I'm not that good at it. This website has gotten me better at drawing while makin it fun! I LOVE IT!!!!!! See ya peeps!
Tools of the trade
I use a plain #2 pencil. It may not always work, but it's fine if u keep it sharp.
I love drawing and reading. Plus typing random things to troll people on the internet, but besides that...Yeah, let's move on! I like hypnotizing myself too. It's pretty funny watching me act like a monkey for an hour.
Favourite books
My favorite book is the Hunger Games. It is so action packed with epicness at every page-turn!
Favourite movies
DUH! The Hunger Games! If you haven't guessed already, my favorite movie is the Hunger Games. Just like the book, it is action-packed and super epic. Although, the part where Rue dies made me cry in both book, and movie.
Favourite music
I live for Rap. The new movie Let It Shine was a miracle. Though, it's not as good as the Hunger Games. May favorite rap song is Don't Run Away from Let It Shine.