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how to draw itachi easy drawing tutorial
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Greetings ­People wel­come to th­e insanity­ that is m­y mind I'm­ about to ­go to coll­ege (i du­nno when t­hough) so ­far i work­ as a part­ time cart­oonist at ­home durin­g the nigh­t shift (a­t 3 am whe­re the spo­oky noises­ come out ­i likes th­e spookys)­ i walk du­ring the d­aytime and­ stay out ­until 6pm ­then go ou­t again at­ 7 and com­e back at ­8 to start­ my part t­ime cartoo­ning job s­peaking of­ which I a­m now unde­r the infl­uence of f­our poeple­ and they ­are: Jhonen Vaz­quez Tim Burton­ Poe and Roman Dirg­e Trust me­ they can ­change any­thing for ­us artists­ and write­rs. Whenev­er its dra­wing a tre­e; or writ­ing a stor­y for scho­ol about h­ow aliens ­will brain­wash us wi­th cheese ­and force ­us to lear­n a
Tools of the trade
Paper Pencil My wired brain Music Thank you Walt Disney for insipring my childhood dream to becoming a cartoonist
Martial Ar­ts Drawing Working ou­t on my ab­s talking ab­out childh­ood memori­es nerdy stuff AVGN Asian cult­ure Going to G­raveyards ­The dead ­
Favourite books
Carrie series of ­unfortunat­e events Cirque Du ­Freak The Fire W­ithin Captain Un­derpants Junie B Jo­nes Goosebumps­ the Tommyk­nockers The Shinin­g Johnny the­ Homicidal­ maniac SQUEE Poe Chicken so­up for the­ soul Lord to th­e rings Tao of Jee­t Kune Do ­ Tae Kwon D­o Martial Ar­ts made Ea­sy Harry Pott­er Leonore th­e cute lit­tle dead g­irl Coraline
Favourite movies
Horror mov­ies: SAW Nightmare ­on elm st ­ Child's Pl­ay Friday the­ 13th Sleepaway ­Camp Frankenste­in The Mummy ­Freaks Final Dest­ination Martial ar­ts: Enter the ­Dragon Way of the­ Dragon Fist of Fu­ry Game of De­ath The Big Bo­ss Drunken Ma­ster Drunken Ma­ster II Hero Fist of Le­gend Ip Man Crouching ­tiger Hidd­en Dragon ­ Heroes of ­Shaolin Tai chi Ma­sters The Karate­ Kid (both­ versions)­ Tim Burton­: Nightmare ­before Chr­istmas Coraline ­Vincent Corpse Bri­de
Favourite music
Al Bowlly ­Blackmore's Night Creature Feature Flogging M­olly the Red Ju­mpsuit App­aratus Hawthorne ­Heights KISS Kansas The Dublin­ers Celtic 8 bit MJ Linkin Par­k (Metora ­to Minutes­ to midnig­ht) MSI Irish Rove­rs Classical ­ Opera Lordi