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17, Female
United States
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I am just an average teen I don't have any special talents, but I do have a passion for drawing pictures! I love drawing alone, drawing with friends, exchanging art, and just doodling on my school papers! :D I also love seeing people's faces when I give them my art! So I might open an e-mail for requests of art! :D I also love to create many beautiful buildings in Minecraft. I am not a pega-sister, I have many friends who love MLP and I for one actually think its a pretty good show! I love reading about Derpy Hooves! ^ ^ Shes so so so so cute! As you can tell by my profile picture, I like the adventures of Doctor Whooves and his Derpy Assistant! Well I could go on forever about stuff I like! If you like some of the things I do, feel free to send me a friend request! ^ ^
Tools of the trade
I am not that good with drawing on computer programs (no really 0-0 I have tried.......and another reason is I don't have a tablet, or a good drawing program.(I only have Microsoft Paint XD) While I suck at computer programs, for paper drawing, I use Crayola markers, color pencils, 0.7 Z-grip mechanical pencils, 1.0 Mega Bold pens, sharpie markers, and oil pastels. Another thing is, I HATE CRAYONS!!!!!! Oil pastels are WAY better! (no offence to anyone who uses crayons I just do NOT like them!)
Drawing, gaming, building stuff on Minecraft, playing piano, watching TV, watching movies, talking with my friends, having sleepovers, and of course looking up random videos on Youtube! :D
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Skrillex, Coldplay, LMFAO, Smosh, Random Minecraft songs (Fallen Kingdom, Revenge, Mineshaft, My favorite things about Minecraft, and many more it would take forever to name...)