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Hi. My name certainly isn't Astro, I named this account after my dog. I really don't like my name, so I wish not to say it. I like the colors red and green, and recently black. I wish I could do more tuts but I suck at Paint, this computer doesn't have Photoshop, and if I do it by hand it'll be hard to see. I hope I can do Miku Hatsune and some other Vocaloids soon. I'm a little better at the girls in Vocaloid. No, a lot better. Well, I'm good at Len but I suck at Kaito and Gakupo, so.... I'll also do some other characters including some not widely known ones like Yuri and Estelle from Tales of Vesperia. I'll also try and do Steve from Minecraft if I get time. Look forward to it.
Tools of the trade
Lots of stuff. Practically everything.
Swimming, Game master (I dunno if you'd count that as a hobby) Art, Trumpet, Viola, Keyboard, Voice, Dance, Otaku (Cosplay+Mangaka) (Just in case you don't know an otaku is an anime geek, cosplay is dressing up like a manga character, and a mangaka is a manga artist) Think I have more?
Favourite books
Harry Potter 1-6 Fablehaven 1-6 Hunger Games 1-3 The Mysterious Benedict Society I, Robot Mazerunner (all of the series) I like a lot of books. I've read so much I still remember them but forgot a lot of their names.
Favourite movies
Hunger Games, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea, Spirited Away, (Studio Ghibli pretty much)
Favourite music
Classical music like 'Suprise Symphony' (Vocaloids:) Miku Hatsune's 'The World is Mine' Rin Kagamine's 'Meltdown' Lots of Rin + Len tragedy songs like Daughter of Evil+Servant of Evil+Regret Message, Prisoner+Paper Plane, and Soundless Voice+Proof of Life 'Migikata no Cho' (Butterfly on your Right Shoulder) 'Romeo and Cinderella' (I only like version RinxLen) Electric Angel (Miku Hatsune) Kasane Territory (Teto Kasane) Magnet (MikuxMikuo ver.) Trick and Treat (Rin + Len) A lot of Vocaloid. (Still more. The list is practically all they've ever sung minus Kaito + Gakupo. I just don't like listening to them, sorry.) I hate people who are all 'Vocaloids are fake singers with no purpose' because 1.) Sure they have a purpose! People listen to them! 2.) How are they fake? They're modified from human voices. (Asami Shimoda and Saki Fujita rock) Totoro and Ponyo themes, Anime themes (If I told you all the anime themes y