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how to draw anime girls drawing tutorial
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I love music! It listens when no one else does. I also love singing and dancing. I like going to the mall with my friends or just writing in my journal. Volleyball is my favorite sport and I was on the school team(bench warmer). Me and my best friend love hanging out and having sleepovers. he's a guy, is that weird? I'm also in the school choir. my favorite animals are wolves and stingrays. i love the color pink but im also kinda a tomboy. i love wearing plaid and going to hot topic. it's my fav store. i consider myself very funny and i love making people laugh. im really nice to everyone and accept people for who they are. Friend ME!
Tools of the trade
I really like to use ebony pencils, colored pencils or just a pencil.
I love: singing, writing, dancing, listening to music, texting, skyping, talking, drawing, reading, watching tv, playing the wii, playing with my two doggies, hanging with my weirdo friends, going online, messing with siri, watcihng movies, shopping, going to the mall, and laughing.
Favourite books
I read the book Shiver by Maggie Steivater 2 whole times. It's fantastic and my favorite book. I also love the books the house of the scorpion by nancy farmer, if i stay, and the beautiful creatures series. i don't read a lot but i do really like reading. lol idk what that means
Favourite movies
My favorite movies are Red Riding Hood, Green Lantern, Mean Girls, Kickass, the perks of being a wallflower, x-men first class, white house down, pitch perfect, white chicks, the call, identity thief, and beautiful creatures. my fav tv shows are: grimm, super fun night, csi, hawaii five-0, regular show, and the carrie diaries.
Favourite music
i love the bands: shinedown, three days grace, simple plan, nickelback, fall out boy, yellowcard, daughtry, bowling for soup and avicii. i love rock but i also really like pop like mkto, chris brown, usher, and kesha! I heart kesha!!!
i'd share it but you know......
no one even uses that anymore!!!
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hahaha birds