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United States
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Last login: 6 years ago
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Member since: Apr 21, 2011
i love drawing and mostly love drawing tribal art, tattoos, naruto stuff, dragons and birds. Most of the time, I draw realistic animals but sometimes, I draw other things. I usually just shade my drawings but sometimes I like to color them with color pencils or ink them. I love drawing and I draw at least 1 drawing a day. I started drawing when I was around 8 years old. I became better by the time I was 10 years old. Hmmm what should I say now? Well I work at a pet shelter and im a lifeguard. I love animals. Im 16 years old. My name is really Mikey but most people call me Drew. People tell me I'm weird but it's sorta hard to be normal =/
Tools of the trade
pencil;pen;color pencils;sharpies;HB pencil; blue pencil (for the outline); 3H pencil; 4B pencil
drawing :D (obviously?);singing;playing guitar;talking to people (that's counted right?)
Favourite books
percy jackson and the olympians ^.^; the fire withen;icefire;firestar; the hunger games; catching fire; the mockingjay
Favourite movies
too many to name lol
Favourite music
not yet =/
who even uses that =/
er....its a long story...
well i lost my password so i made another one but i lost my password for that one too -.-