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Obviously you should know my name, unless you're stupid. I'm 13. 8th grade. Really shy. But I'll talk. \(._.)/ Drawing is my own little universe to explore. Um. My favorite colors are Blue, Purple, and anything neon. I keep a wall built, to simply guard myself, because I know what it's like to cry myself to sleep. Yeah I'm an emotional person. I get my feelings hurt a lot, sadly. No I'm not emo. I've been called that who knows how many times. I don't wear black anything, nor do I want to. I do not cut. Cutting is literally the dumbest thing to have ever come to God's green earth to ease pain. I understand it's an addiction, but come on. Really? Just punch a wall. That's what I do. ._. Message me if you wanna talk about anything at all, @-@
Tools of the trade
Basically everything.
I go outside and swing almost every day, my little thinking place. makes me feel home I guess. I draw. Paint. Music every day. I take naps. Black Ops II and Halo 4. I watch SpongeBob everyday, I love it. I enjoy writing and poetry, and I'm not embarassed to say I enjoy studying Quantum physics on my own time, and other forms of Science that interest me. And other stuff..
Favourite books
Anything by Maggie Stiefvater, and Blood Thirtsy was good. And Jeremy Fink - The Meaning of Life.
Favourite movies
21 Jumpstreet, Never Been Kissed, White Chicks, The SpongeBob movie, Warm Bodies (omg it was perfect) and Paranormal Activity.
Favourite music
Music plays a huge role for me to be honest. Mainly rock, but if I want to be specific, metalcore, post-hardcore, punk or poppunk (just punk in general, you know what I mean anyway), dubstep, some classical (only piano, I play it so. Yea), and the only form of rap I listen to is Eminem, or if Hollywood Undead is in that category, that too.
That's private.