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I'm a weirdo, a walking dictionary, Musically talented, Transformers and Fairy Tail nerd. Sometimes cheerful, but can be odd.
Tools of the trade
(Paper and pencil) Any pencils, paintbrushes (Little details on eyes), Neon Erasers, Colored Pencils, Pens, Sharpies, Exact-o knives, blending stumps, white colored pencils. (Computer) I like to use Paintbrush 2. It sucks..but it's okay. I've been too lazy to download any other applications XD. I love to use Picsart, too. Doodle Club is another great drawing app, as well as Sketchbook. If I get any requests, they'll probably be done on the four applications I just mentioned.
Drawing (of course), Piano, Reading, Trapeze, Volleyball, and Jumping on my trampoline are all fun hobbies. The Trapeze and Trampoline sound childish, but I could fall at any time and break something. :D
Favourite books
I love More Than Meets the Eye. It's a book/comic. Not exactly recommended for preteens or under. I love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, the Hobbit, and soon I will be reading the Hunger Games.
Favourite movies
I love Transformers : Dark of the Moon. Fairy Tail is great as well.
Favourite music
Hard Rock.